TrueCam A4

TrueCam A4

TrueCam A4

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The TrueCam A4 in-car camera is ideal for anyone looking for high quality without compromise. The top-quality lens captures an impressively clear, bright, high-quality recording and this combined with its ease of use makes this model one of the best in its class. Most functions are accessible at the touch of a button and the English menu controls on the LCD display are simple and intuitive. Loop recording means that you do not have to worry about free space on the memory card.

Shoots in FULL HD 1080p

The TrueCam A4 dashboard camera shoots in FULL HD 1080p. Footage from this on-board camera is so clear than you can easily recognise details such as a person’s face and appearance or a vehicle registration plate. No matter whether you are shooting at night, during the day or whether there are good or poor lighting conditions, the TrueCam A4 will always take a sharp high-quality image.

Quick everyday installation

For products that you use on a daily basis, it is important that it is as simple and painless to use as possible. With the TrueCam A4 in-car camera, its special holder ensures that there is no need to adjust its position or attach power cables every day. The car camera simply snaps in place, and you are ready to go.


G-sensor (accelerometer, gravity sensor) detects movement in three dimensional space and in the event of an accident, it captures the collision and automatically locks the recording against accidental overwriting during loop recording. The sensitivity of the sensor can be simply adjusted in the menu.

LCD display with English menu

Thanks to the 2.7″ LCD display you can easily check the current video being shot, play previously recorded footage or adjust the camera settings. Using the camera is trouble-free as the clear and simple English menu means that it can be easily operated by anyone.

Motion detection

The TrueCam camera begins recording as soon as movement is detected. This feature is particularly useful if someone backs into your vehicle or causes damage to it. In these cases you will have clear evidence in the form of the registration number or the offender’s appearance.

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